AHRF Launches New Website, Refreshes Brand

AHRF Launches New Website, Refreshes Brand,
Energizing Mission to Overcome Hearing and Balance Disorders of the Inner Ear

Elmhurst, IL—The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF) announced today that it has launched a new website, recommitting itself to its mission and drawing attention to the importance of advancing scientific knowledge and public understanding of hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear. The launch includes a refreshed brand and logo, including entirely new website content.

For more than 60 years, AHRF has been making new discoveries possible. Each year, the Foundation funds five to ten research projects, with the seed grants averaging $20,000. The Foundation also educates the public about these life-altering conditions—including Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, tinnitus, hearing loss, and others—which are inextricably linked to people’s quality of life and their ability to meet the challenges of day-to-day living.

According to AHRF’s Executive Director, Joan Wincentsen, “The new website is an important initiative as AHRF continues to move forward with its mission. Our legacy of fueling hope and determination in the advancement of scientific knowledge to overcome hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear has been time tested over more than six decades. Certainly, the need to better understand and address these conditions has not gone away. Our commitment only deepens.”

The new AHRF website includes information about the Foundation, which traces its roots back to the first-ever successful operation to restore hearing—on an individual with otosclerosis; on hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear; for researchers seeking funding; on recent grant recipients and their research; on past research awards; and on ways to donate to the cause, including specific giving for Meniere’s disease and planned giving.

As part of its broader relaunch initiative, AHRF recently partnered with the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) to sponsor a 5-minute video, “Spotlight on Hearing and Balance,” to educate the public on Meniere’s disease, a difficult to diagnosis, debilitating condition that causes episodes of hearing loss, vertigo and often leads to anxiety and/or depression when not appropriately addressed or when symptoms become acute. PBS will air the video across its nationwide network, with a major airing push concentrated over the next three months.

“The thing about human ingenuity is that you don’t know where that next great idea will come from—who the next big thinker will be,” the new AHRF website reads. “Our ambition at the American Hearing Research Foundation is to make that next transformative discovery possible.”

About AHRF
AHRF is a nonprofit organization that has been making new discoveries possible for more than 60 years by funding novel research to better understand and overcome hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear. Since 2010, the organization has funded 66 projects with more than $1.4 million in research grants. Donations for research funding can be made online.

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