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Because sometimes, the biggest ideas start small… Enabling the next breakthrough in hearing and balance research

Every dollar you give can make a difference. That’s why AHRF is structured to work nimbly, efficiently, and transparently.
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The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization started in 1956. We keep our operations streamlined and work hard to maximize the reach of every dollar we receive. More than 80 percent of our expended resources go to grants to beginning investigators, so they can test ideas and collect data to secure larger funding. Less than 20 percent of expended resources go toward fundraising and administrative costs—which include the maintenance of our website designed to educate the public on hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear, as well as to keep researchers and the media apprised of what we’re doing.

Each year, AHRF funds five to 10 research projects. Discovery Grants may provide up to $50,000 per study. The investigator(s) of one of these studies may be invited to apply for additional funding – up to $65,000 or $75,000 in total through the prestigious Richard G. Muench Chairman Grant or Georgia Birtman Grant, respectively. AHRF also awards up to five $1,000 grants to otolaryngology residents. Between 2010 and 2023 alone, the Foundation has funded 112 projects with over $2.9 million in grants.

AHRF receives donations from individuals, employee giving programs, and the merchant donor programs like iGive. It also receives funding from its partnership with run because, a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Meniere’s disease research. Income also comes from returns on investments.

AHRF is recognized by Candid (previously GuideStar and the Foundation Exchange) with a Gold Star rating for transparency and accountability. Charity Navigator gives AHRF a 4-star (4 out of 4) rating. Charity Navigator and Candid are the premier sources of nonprofit information. We are externally audited each year.


Making new discoveries possible for more than 60 years

AHRF funds novel research to better understand and overcome hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear

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