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Hearing and balance disorders can drastically change your life

AHRF supports new discoveries to understand and respond to these conditions

Learn More About Protecting Your Hearing

An Interview with Joan Wincentsen

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Congratulations, investigators!

AHRF is funding seven innovative studies in 2024.

Michael Hoffer, MD: Supporting hearing research

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Sudden hearing loss is a medical emergency

What if you woke up and couldn’t hear the usual morning sounds?

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Meniere’s disease is a cluster of symptoms that can include vertigo, hearing loss, and tinnitus.

AHRF has funded five studies in recent years to understand Meniere’s disease

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Richard Muench honored for lifetime service…

Promoting transformative hearing research for 38 years

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Making new discoveries possible for more than 60 years

AHRF funds groundbreaking research to understand our hearing and balance functions, and educates people on how to prevent, identify, preserve, and restore these


AHRF Video for PBS Sheds Light on Sudden Hearing Loss

The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF) announced today that it has created a 5-minute video, “Spotlight on Sudden Hearing Loss”...

2024 AHRF Grant Recipients

Samuel Mathias, PhD

Boston Children's Hospital

Early Warning Signs of Age-Related Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sangamanatha Ankmnal-Veeranna, PhD

The University of Southern Mississippi

Auditory System Integrity in University Marching Band Students

Keiko Hirose, MD

Washington University in St. Louis

Revealing molecular and cellular drivers of cholesteatoma pathogenesis and recurrence in children using single-cell RNA sequencing

Litao Tao, PhD

Creighton University

High-throughput and quantitative measurement of hair cell distal enhancers

Akihiro Matsuoka, MD, DMSc, PhD

University of California San Diego

Regenerating the Blood-Labyrinthine Barrier: Harnessing Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Ménière's Disease Treatment

Pei-Ciao Tang, PhD

University of Miami

Development of an ‘organoid-on-a-chip’ platform for the study of dorso-ventral patterning in a stem cell model of the human inner ear

Joaquin Cury Sr., PhD

Northwestern University

Design, Development, and Implementation of an Optical System to Preserve Residual Hearing and Evaluate Cochlear Health in Patients Receiving a Cochlear Implant

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