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AHRF 2022 grants will be announced late November.

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Supporting hearing and balance investigators…

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Because sometimes, the biggest ideas start small…

Enabling the next breakthrough in hearing and balance research

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Making new discoveries possible for more than 60 years

AHRF funds novel research to better understand and overcome hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear


PBS Video Sheds Light on Meniere's Disease

The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF) announced today that it has partnered with the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) to sponsor...

2021 AHRF Grant Recipients

Bob Kane, PhD

Baylor University

Mitigating Noise-Induced Inflammatory Responses in the Inner Ear

Terrin Tamati, PhD

The Ohio State University

Investigating the Impact of Social Networks on Speech Recognition Outcomes and Quality of Life in Adults with Cochlear Implants – A Study Using an Online Testing Protocol

Suhrud Rajguru, PhD

University of Miami

Combinatorial therapy for preventing noise-induced cochlear synaptopathy and hearing loss

Jennifer Krizman, PhD

Northwestern University

Identifying the auditory mechanisms supporting speech-in-noise and accented-speech recognition in middle-aged listeners with and without sensorineural hearing loss

Kathleen T. Yee, PhD

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Effects of mild traumatic brain injury on the mammalian cochlea

Dwayne Simmons, PhD

Baylor University

Mitigating Noise-Induced Inflammatory Responses in the Inner Ear

Christopher Mularczyk, MD

University of Illinois at Chicago

Temporal and Spectral Manipulation and Vocal Pitch Perception in Cochlear Implant Users

Justine Renauld, PhD

Case Western Reserve University

Understanding the role of pigmented cells in Meniere’s disease

Mostafa Ahmed, MD

Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center

Mitigating Noise-Induced Inflammatory Responses in the Inner Ear

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